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Cameron Dunlap's REI Trifecta 

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  • Motivated Seller Data Feed - 1 Full Year ($1,599 Value)
  • 150 Skip Trace Searches ($450 Value)
  • Cash Buyer Data Feed - 1 Full Year ($249 Value) 
  • $1MM No Fee Funding / Verifiable P.O.F - 1 Full Year ($2,400 Value)
  • Exclusive Custom Comps System ($599 Value)
  • 1 Day Virtual Training with Cam - 2 Tickets ($997 Value) 

Additional Bonuses: 

  • Tier 2 - Premium Client Support (PRICELESS)
  • Vacant House & Foreclosure University ($997 Value) 
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Course ($199 Value)
  • 10 Free Hours of V.A. Support ($199 Value)
  • Huge R.E. Documents Library ($399 Value)
  • ...Total Bonus value of at least $2,700! 
Trusted By Our Customers

What recent clients are saying...

Cameron helped me prove to myself that when we know how to apply our real-estate knowledge in structuring deals, money is never an issue. Thanks to his transactional funding, we were able to close today, finally, and generate $11,225.44 in revenue.
- Reiko

Cam, I appreciate all you do for this industry! I just did my 4th deal with Cam. For this last one I found a motivated seller using Cam's system and funded it using Cam's No Fee Funding! 
- Will King, Cedar Hill, TX
I am both thrilled by and grateful for my affiliation and alignment with Cam's organization, complete with its vast array of tools and training was one of the smartest decisions that I've ever made in my young real estate investment career. My membership has been paid for several times over by a deal that I closed with Cam's help and his no-fee transaction funding! 
- Debra Hawley, Downington, PA
I am forever grateful! I just closed on a deal I found using Cam's system and I paid nothing on fees using Cam's funding, zip-zero-nada-zilch!
- Ronnie Hok, Nashville, TN

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